Our online training plans help us reach people around the country and around the world.


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The beginner plan is for climbers who are climbing up to 24 on sport or 7a boulders. This plan highlights the importance of a solid foundation and helps climbers fill the gaps in their climbing progression thus far. Building a solid capacity for work in this plan allows us to push climbers who want to progress to the intermediate and advanced programs after a cycle or two of this program. 


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For climbers who have crossed the threshold into serious climbing and are realising they need dedicated training and focus to progress. The intermediate plan focuses on more advanced aspects of climbing training, movement and performance. Build your understanding of physical training and train specifically towards your goals, gain a new understanding of climbing movement so you can be better for the strength you have and push your mental limits to bring your performance closer to your capability.


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This is an individualised plan for elite climbers who have been performing at a high level for some time and need cutting edge training to help them maintain progression.