Swank VII Hangboard

The new and improved Swank VII is smaller than the original Swank while bringing some serious personality. Use the 10mm and 20mm edges to build up your finger strength at home or take it to the crag as an effective warm up tool.



The Swank Board is as beautiful to look at as it is to hang from. The medium and small edges are ideal for building up finger strength while the rounded top edge can work as a jug. It is compact in size and comes in a psychedelic colouring or a more sophisticated greyscale. The design has aesthetic touches that emphasises the layers of the stained wood.

Taking your Swank board with you on adventures is what it was made for. It has 4mm accessory cord for attaching the board to your wall or to hang from a carabiner on a bolt. Simply flip the board upside-down to use the shallower edge or add some slope by adjusting the rope to add extra difficulty.


Made from dyed birch-ply laminate wood, the Swank VII is a product you can be proud to support. It is machined locally with tools run on solar power by our hard-working climbers. The boards are treated with a water-based sealant, but you are welcome to sand or shape the edges if desired.

For your board to last a long happy life, please follow these guidelines:

● Store the board inside (the bag)

● Do not leave it out in wet conditions

● Use a soft brush to regularly clean the chalk build-up.

The Swank VII is designed to be a lightweight, take-it-wherever kind of board, so it is not meant for heavy loads (+100kg). It is not indestructible or intended to be used for weighted dead hangs. It is a dynamic board so when you are hanging on the top of the board, keep your wrists firm, as the board may flip.


The Swank VII is 200 x 80 x 25 mm and weighs 340 grams with 2m of 4mm accessory cord.

The edges on either side are 10mm and 20mm while the rounded border works as a jug.

The back of the board can also be used as a sloper, just play with it.


The Swank VII is easy to set up: sling a tree, clip a bolt, or wrap your feet and you are ready to go. The board can be tilted and hung in various positions to grant access to the medium or small edge. If you find the board to be hanging too low, simply tie a knot in a part of the cord to make the system more compact. We suggest you play around with this if you are wanting to use the board for lifting weights off the ground.

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