Standard Rungs

Train campusing movements with these comfortable wooden rungs. Choose from the three different depths to match your finger strength.



Big Tssaa! And you’ve reached the top rung. Made with a local sweet-smelling Rosewood, our set of Standard Rungs is comfortable and challenging. Campus training is a fun and powerful way to develop strength in your climbing while focusing on different muscle groups. Doing a set of these rungs on a vertical or inclined face feels great and gives you an alternative method to develop high levels of finger strength.

Easily install this great training tool through the countersunk holes for a professional look at home. Aiming for the cut out areas when campusing the rungs helps to improve your accuracy. To determine the difficulty of your rungs, choose between the three different depths or set them on an angle.

Small Standard Rung

Climbing more than twice a week? Grab a set of small standard rungs to top out your finger strength during training. An 18mm edge makes it slightly shallower than typical campus training rungs you’ll find at the climbing gym.

Medium Standard Rung

The Medium Standard Rung follows the well-known recipe for success used by climbers with campus boards across the country. A 25 mm rung depth is a comfortable and challenging way to build strength on a slightly overhanging campus board.

Large Standard Rung

Offering a depth of 32mm, these rungs are geared to develop pulling power and to test your finger strength. It is a solid choice if there are climbers in your family who would like to build finger strength, but are not ready for the narrower options.


Made from Rosewood

18 , 25, and 32mm depths

Countersunk holes for mounting


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