Micro Edges

Aspire to hang off of the smallest of holds with this aesthetic training tool that is easy to install at home.



We have all come across nature’s version of the Micro Edge, and now you can add these impressive edges to your training tools. Watching the world’s top climbers hang their entire bodyweight from the smallest of holds can look so effortless. As climbers, we know that making difficult routes look easy is the result of hard work, knowledge, and training.

Made from wood, our Micro Edges aim to improve your ability to crimp on the smallest of holds. The Micro Edges come as a pack of three, so you can start on the 8mm, 6mm, and progress to the 4mm holds. When setting up your home gym, consider placing these holds at shoulder or head height until you are capable of a full hang on these Micro Edges. Begin training with your feet touching the ground, or remove some of your body weight with a pulley positioned above you.


Set of three small edges

8, 6, and 4mm

Made in South Africa

Material: Wood

Mounting via the two countersunk holes


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