Mayhem Mountain Fest 2022 Webbing Donation

Why do this?

If you’ve enjoyed walking the lines in the Sky and ever wondered how you can repay the favour or help the Sport of Highlining grow in SA, this is your chance!

What will this go towards?

All donations will go towards the continual growth of SA’s Northern Highline Community’s gear. This means rigging lines at fests and meetups as well as ensuring all the gear used at the MMF 2022 is in tip top condition.

How it works?

You can sponsor as much webbing as your bank account feels comfortable with, starting at 10m of webbing which comes to R240. Simply add the amount of webbing you feel comfortable in sponsoring to your cart. If one ticket at 10m is what you can give, we’re stoked if you feel comfortable with sponsoring a 100m add 10 of these to your cart. No matter the size we are psyched to see you helping!



Help support the Mayhem Mountain Fest 2022 by personally Donating some Webbing to the Festival.


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