Lil Krimp

Easily train on the crimps, use it as a jug, or a mini pinch. This training tool is compact and versatile, while boasting beautiful Rosewood grains.



A favourite in the crag, the Lil Krimp shows your climbing prowess on a 40mm and 20mm edge. Easily hang your Lil Krimp in your training space and admire its aesthetic design, made from an exquisite hardwood. There are few things that bring a climber more satisfaction than a good day outdoors and your lil Krimp is compact enough to go with you! Pair two Lil Krimp’s and you can do some serious training.

Whether you are cruising up long 19’s at Boven, or projecting a 6C boulder in Rocklands, your training tools can help you to reach that next hold. The simplicity of the Lil Krimp does little to explain its versatility, so let’s dive into the details. Crimp or pinch the block when positioned above you, add a sling and lift weights from below, or sit down, sling it to your feet, and pull the crimps to warm up your hands.


Made from Rosewood

Offers 40, 20, 10, 8, and 6mm flat edges, or works as a jug and mini pinch

Adjustable design to make the edges more or less in-cut

Mounted with super strong 4mm stealth rope (Dyneema)

Weights around 100g

Size: 14cm


  • 40mm, 20mm, 10mm 8mm and 6mm flat edge
  • Jug & mini pinch.
  • Intuitive adjustment – change angles and switch between edges easily
  • Lightweight and portable – coming in around 100g and 14 cm long.
  • 4mm dyneema is strong, durable and light.

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1 Single, 2 set


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