Finger Ring

Fun and effective acupuncture-style finger ring to stimulate blood flow and our bodies natural healing.



Working towards stronger fingers? While we desire our skin to be tough when climbing we canappreciate that our hands are incredibly sensitive and have a rich neural system. When a physiotherapist massages your hands it releases ‘feel-good’ endorphins and helps to release stress. By using a finger ring, you can develop your own routine to stimulate blood flow and apply pressure on acupuncture points, making this an indispensable accessory.

The finger acupuncture ring is light-weight and quickly increases the circulation in an area. Simply run the ring up and down each finger to bring relief to areas where you experience tension. You can use your rest period to do the exercises while letting your body’s natural healing take place.

You won’t find us massaging our feet in public, but we must mention here that it is fun to use on your toes too! Choose gold, silver or a funky colour to help you keep track of which ring is yours. The copper wire is wound in a way that lets it expand onto even your biggest of toes, although you might need to do some wiggling. Coated in silver, this is a long-lasting training partner well worth its weight in gold!


Copper wire coated in Silver

Used on one finger at a time


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