Dream Higher Mono

A single-finger training tool that helps to support the development of young climbers in South Africa. Manufactured locally, you can be proud to hang your Dream Higher Mono on your gear wall.



In support of this great climbing outreach, Scallywags Climbing collaborated with Dream Higher to create the Dream Higher Mono. The outreach helps share the appreciation for the natural world with underprivileged youth through climbing and outings. By purchasing a Dream Higher Mono you are helping to support the Non-Profit organisation for at-risk youth.

As simple as it gets, this tool brings focus to your routine while you warm up one finger at a time. And it looks freak’n rad! Hang it on your carabiner or attach it to your water bottle to encourage playful training during your day. Designed to take your weight, you can aspire to make hanging from one finger a reality. Two Dream Higher Mono’s makes it easier to hang or lift weights from one finger on each hand.


Made from compressed wood

Single circular cut out

Mounted using the accessory cord


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