Boo Boo CBD Butter

Smells so good you could eat it! Containing beeswax and CBD, use it topically to get the real benefits. It deeply moisturises and has natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties.



Our fragrant Boo Boo CBD Butter is light and full of good skin care ingredients. It’s a naturally-defensive balm that helps you to recover from a gnarly climbing session. The delicious smell makes it tempting to use this skin care product on your lips. Be advised, the Boo Boo CBD Butter is only intended for topical use to soothe burns, cuts, scrapes, and boo boos.

Having your hand massaged in Boo Boo CBD Butter sounds like heaven. The guidelines for products containing CBD in South African ensure you won’t feel any ‘high’ associated with cannabis. We’ve included Live Lucid’s Active CBD and hemp seed oil to assist with skin repair. This topical treatment is safe to use, however, If you have any concern consult with your doctor before use.

Boo Boo Butter feels great on your skin thanks to the ingredients that do not block your pores. While solid at room temperature, the heat from your skin will begin to melt the ingredients making it easier to spread. It is the best gift for climbers who are wanting to try a CBD infused skin care product.


100% natural ingredients

Live Lucid Active CBD and Hemp Seed Oil

Made in South Africa