Boo Boo Butter Bar

This is your everyday carry Boo Boo Butter Bar that is easy to use. Small enough to feel at home in your pocket while packing in multiple benefits.



Here are all the benefits of Boo Boo Butter, now in a Bar form. The convenient size is expedition friendly and encourages skincare on the go. The aluminium tin is a smaller option to your regular boo boo butter while still soothing burns, cuts, scrapes, and boo-boos. Simply take the bar out of the container and turn it in your hand to increase the amount of balm you’ll apply. Place the bar in the tin before massaging the moisture into your hands to maximise the positive effects.

Taking care of your skin after climbing is a great habit to build. Choosing to give your hands attention can be the vital starting point that leads to more physiotherapy in your training. The aromatic smell of a bar of Boo Boo Butter leads you into relaxation, so you’ll want to incorporate this into every rest period. Working the bees wax into your skin increases circulation and encourages our bodies’ natural repairing processes.


100% natural ingredients

Pocket sized aluminium tin

28 ml