we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals while covering all aspects of climbing performance.

Scallywags Coaching

Group Coaching

R1250 per person

This is a six-week program for five people with Wes. Each week you’ll have a group session in the gym with Wesley, one climbing session of individualised training that you do by yourself and one session you can do at home. 

Two on one sessions

R1500 per person

A six-week program for two people with either Wes. Each week you and your partner will have a session in the gym with your coach, a gym session that you do by yourself, and a session you can do at home.

One on one sessions


Individualised attention and focus for climbers who want to make serious improvements in their climbing through a six-week program. Performance testing and goal monitoring will make sure we’re putting energy into the right place. 

Technical sessions

R420 per person
R690 for two

Available for one or two people, a technical session is a class where you can be coached in a range of climbing performance areas. From safety and rigging to climbing technique and movement, through to physical and mental training.

Data Testing

There’s no better place to begin a training plan than from where you are right now. Find out where that is. 

Standard Data Testing


A test battery and analysis for climbers looking to understand where they are. For climbers who are climbing up to 28 on sport or 7c boulders.

Elite Data Testing


A test battery and analysis for elite climbers looking to focus their training and understand their abilities. For climbers who are climbing 28 / 7c or harder.